Schools, Healthcare and Workplaces

Health and wellbeing are a key focus of school, workplaces, and healthcare facilities. Bringing people together in community spaces promotes their shared experience and covered structures can help facilitate this. With a range of styles to suit your needs from walkways, playground shades, entrance shelters, and all-weather sports canopies we can find a solution that will help you make the most out of your available space.

Funding guidance

If you are a school or healthcare centre, we understand that budget restrictions can mean that finding additional funding is essential in helping you complete your project.

As a school you may be able to source additional funding from the Condition Improvement Fund, Sports Council funding or Urgent Capital Support depending on the nature of the project. Highlighting the need for more dining space and other problem spaces, or sports facilities and multi-use games areas that can be opened for community use are also great ways to boost the strength of your application.