Fabric Architecture CPD

“How to design a tensile fabric structure”

Fabric Architecture is a RIBA registered CPD Network Provider with the presentation “How to Design a Tensile Fabric Structure”. As winners of several prestigious accolades from The British Design Award to the IFAI’s Award for Excellence, the company leads the global tensile fabric structure industry.

Fabric Architecture CPD – a preview…

The Fabric Architecture CPD “How to design a tensile fabric structure” is a one-hour lunchtime presentation delivered by a senior member of the Design & Technical Sales Team and offers participants an opportunity for interactive learning, looking at the core principles of tensile fabric design:

  • History and development
  • Tensile principles & design considerations
  • Structure types, fabric forms & patterning
  • Double curvature – a hands on demonstration
  • Fabrics & specifications e.g. translucency, reflectivity, condensation
  • Life span, maintenance & cost
  • Tension, loads & foundations
  • Hardware & typical fixings
  • Water management
  • Installation considerations, site access & conflicts
  • Working examples

If you have any questions or would like to book the Fabric Architecture CPD presentation, please contact us.