At Fabric Architecture, we’ve had our fair share of experience when it comes to the successes and failures of securing a project win, and we pride ourselves on utilising our extensive experience to deliver above and beyond client specification when scoping out a project. That’s why we’re ideally placed to support our partners when it comes to ensuring a smooth and seamless tendering process.

Achieving a successful tender process: It’s a creative journey

The way we approach each project is to make sure we take a high level of care at each stage of the journey to ensure concept, design, engineering, installation, and budget are accurately and appropriately accounted for at every project stage. This then allows an accurate representation of what we can deliver – original, effectual, and trailblazing tensile fabric structures constructions across multiple sectors.

Often, we’ve found that projects we’ve taken on could have benefitted from a smoother and more transparent process if we were able to support the client when they were at the tendering stage. That’s why we’re always more than happy working with clients from the point of inception. Assisting in the drawing and planning required before they get to tender stage. Not only does this aid a more effective tender process, but it also encourages a more successful execution.

For example, a recent project we worked on with Cheshire Oaks Shopping Centre Play Area outlines just how our involvement at the earliest stage can make a huge impact on the success of a project.

In August 2021 the Cheshire Oaks shopping centre at Ellesmere Port unveiled a new play area. Featuring in-ground trampolines, slides and climbing towers with a protective rubber floor, Fabric Architecture were responsible for the design and engineering of the large double conic fabric structure which is held up with central masts. As well as creating a visually stunning structure, it’s also designed to protect users from the elements, ensuring full use all year round. With climbing towers built around the masts, and linked by a crawl way, the solution we created integrates perfectly with the slides and other play equipment. The architects who worked on the project are called Carve, and you can find more information about the project via their website. To see the play area in action, take a look at this shoppers’ video on YouTube.

The key? To start early

On this project, the main works contractor required additional support to review the engineering. We completed this review and were able to offer solutions to help complete the project.

This is just one example of where the Fabric Architecture team can add real value for clients. Helping them to scope out the realities of a project and offering expert input into design and engineering aspects of builds. Often, we’ll also help clients come up with a scheme and drawings before they even submit their tender. More of than not, the outcome is a success, and it’s a success based on expertise, substance and accuracy of the tender.

What else is there to know about Fabric Architecture?

We’re fresh thinkers, problem solvers and creative visionaries, reimagining tensile fabric to deliver original, effectual, and trailblazing constructions globally, and across multiple sectors. Operating throughout the UK, North America and the Middle East region, at Fabric Architecture we ensure a sustainable and innovative solution for our clients. Prioritising architectural solutions that protect our planet and focus on creating a better, more ecological future for all. Plus, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with architects, contractors and decision-makers based on honesty and experience.

To see some of our other projects and tensile fabric structures in action, then check out our projects page.

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We transform original concepts into buildable, sustainable, and memorable tensile fabric solutions. Supporting our clients throughout the entire process, we use our significant knowledge of tensile fabrics, and the engineering behind them, to realise the full potential of every design.

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