Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USA

Mount Pleasant Splash Park


Signature Structure
Island Spray Park was designed with children in mind and with over 100 water jets, it offers endless hours of enjoyment. While the children are at play, the parents have a place out of the sun under the shade of a tensile structure that stays true to the theme of ‘bright and fun’.

The Challenge

Miracle Recreation of Michigan was looking for a functional shade-giving tensile structure with a ‘Wow’ factor. They wanted it to be safe, permanent, low maintenance and expandable. Because the splash pads were already complete, the structure needed to be able to be installed without heavy lifting equipment and in a short window of time. Another important requirement was achieving these aspirations at a reasonable price.

The Solution

The structure that ticked all of Miracle Recreation’s requirements is an ‘off the shelf’ economic canopy called the Jubilee. This 33’ diameter structure is made up of six aluminum frames, each of which is unfurled during installation to form a series of rigid yet organic forms. It is designed to be infinitely expandable and with a bright blue canopy, it has become a park highlight.



Fabric Type



Miracle Recreation

Type 1 PVC

Fabric Architecture


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