Washington DC, USA

Nationals Park exhibition pavilion


Tensile Fabric Structure
Fabric Architecture was approached to design and deliver a striking exhibition pavilion situated outside the Nationals Baseball Park on the edge of the old Navy Yards. The tensile fabric structure had to complement this prestigious stadium while creating an eye-catching focal point to draw in the crowds en route to the game.

The Challenge

This tensile fabric structure is a one of a kind featuring several key design elements. The masts are made of glulam (resembling a baseball bat) the lighting was crucial and the finishing materials needed to be exact. The challenge was in sourcing and coordinating everything to arrive on site in a short timeframe. The masts were from Oregon, lighting truss from Canada and canopy/fixings from England.

The Solution

Fabric Architecture’s Design & Build team created a 50’ x 30’ Double Conic fabric canopy. The complex engineering and analysis required to achieve this form using the raked glulam masts was undertaken by our in-house Engineers. The specialist materials were sourced and delivered, allowing completion of the project in just five days. This structure is unique in that it can be dismantled and relocated, a requirement of the design.



Fabric Type



Nationals Baseball Park

Ferrari 1002 PVC

RIHA Design

Forest City Washington


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