Chandlers Wharf

Tensile Structure

Over two years in the making, this unusual ‘horse shoe crab’ bespoke conic tensile structure in the courtyard of the Chandlers Wharf development creates a stunning focal point for it’s residents.

The Challenge

The courtyard is actually the roof of the lower level car park serving the block of flats above. With this in mind, our in-house engineers had to factor in loads on the building to ensure a structure of this size could be installed.

Steelwork and fixing plates were pre-engineered and integrated into the steel sub-structure of the courtyard floor, allowing paving slabs to be laid prior to the installation.

The Solution

This iconic structure features a rare glulam timber mast as the central support, brushed stainless steel fabric connections and architectural rigging hardware.

Painted steel tripods provide perimeter anchor points for the fabric membrane with stainless cables maintaining tension around the edge of the canopy. The end result is a functional and beautifully engineered one of a kind structure.

Project Specifications
ClientChandlers Wharf
LocationLiverpool, UK
Fabric Type10TL Silicone Glass Weave
ArchitectFalconer Chester
ContractorArmor Construction

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