Cummins Inc.

Fabric Ceiling Features

Fabric Architecture was commissioned to develop a design-lead fabric ceiling solution to an inherent problem with many glazed structures – solar glare. The regional office of Cummins Inc. has a large glass atrium and in the hot dessert sun, it generates an abundance of heat forcing air conditioners to work overtime.

The Challenge

The Cummins Inc project presented several challenges. They wanted the sun-shield fabric ceiling features to not only look architecturally unique and different (as art pieces) which reflect light and colour but to also colour-match their corporate logo. Besides design obstacles, working four stories up around block lights, with a gigantic glass ceiling overhead was also a challenge for Installation Engineers.

The Solution

Fabric Architecture recommended our internal Skytes. These dynamic, 3D sculptural fabric shapes are tensioned to a lightweight stainless steel frame. They offer a cost-effective alternative to a bespoke feature and a superior version to standard soffit designs. Skytes help with solar reduction by reducing direct sunlight. In total, we installed 4 no 3m & 2 no 3m Skytes – all of which were colour matched to Cummins logo.

Project Specifications
ClientCummins Inc.
LocationDubai, UAE
Fabric TypeFerrari Mesh Batty Line HM
ArchitectFabric Architecture

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