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Stretch Ceiling

Over 1,500 students are now enjoying exceptional opportunities to work with media professionals at the University of Salford. At the entrance of the Living Lab, a facility using the very latest in industry equipment, is a two level atrium – perfect for a lightweight stretch ceiling, an eye-catching sculptural art piece.

The Challenge

The challenge was to design an artistic structure that looks beautiful and creates an inspirational first impression due to it’s ‘floating’ appearance as it’s suspended from the ceiling. Situated within the main entrance to the Living Lab, the installation needed to reflect the creative nature of the students in the building. The structure was to fill the space of the tall atrium ceiling and make a statement.

The Solution

The design result is a ‘Ribbon’ stretch ceiling feature, a 3D lightweight ‘floating’ sculpture. The Ribbon adds a sense of drama to the space, as well as having beneficial acoustic qualities. Made of a lightweight fire-rated fabric, the Ribbon stretch ceiling uses the patented framing system found in our Archiclad fabric ceiling product. It was installed with stainless steel suspension cables in three sections measuring 4.5m, 12m and 5.5m.

Project Specifications
ClientThe University of Salford
LocationMediaCity UK, England
Fabric TypeFreeStyle Stretch
ArchitectFairhurst Design Group

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