retractable structures


Tensile fabric is the perfect material for creating versatile retractable structures that transform outdoor spaces at the touch of a button. Think stylish awnings that shade alfresco diners through to retractable roofing systems at leisure facilities and sporting/events stadia.

Truly flexible shade and shelter

Retractable roof systems add value to projects of all sizes and can be standalone or integrated into a tensile fabric structure. A dynamic solution, they can be activated to provide cover for thousands at a sporting event, for hundreds at a summer concert or for just ten enjoying lunch outside or relaxing by a pool.

For companies planning to host open-air events or weddings, or looking to expand their outside customer space, the changing weather will always be a concern. Demand is growing for stylish and practical retractable structures from hospitality venues looking to maximise commercial value from outside areas. Adding a tensile fabric retractable roof system is a great way to keep guests comfortable come rain or shine.

Retractable sails

Expandable sail shades are an easy way to introduce flexible shading for alfresco dining, outdoor pools, communal parks and open-air music venues. These stylish shades are available in many shapes and positions, depending on boom length, shade requirements, available space and design preference. They provide shade exactly where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Fully retract or partially open

Fabric Architecture designs, engineers and manufactures every retractable roof system to meet our clients’ specific environmental needs. One of our retractable solutions (for the FIFA Fan Zone in Doha) helped to create the ambiance of an open-air stadium for 2,000 guests which could be adapted into a multi-functional event space.

To respond to outside temperatures upwards of 45°C, our intelligent design featured canopies that could retract individually or in tandem. This versatility in design and creation of an open-air yet air-conditioned space ensured spectator comfort, day and night.


- Event/Exhibition Halls
- Hospitals
- Hotels/Restaurants/Bars
- Leisure Centres
- Retail Spaces
- Schools/Colleges/Universities
- Sports Stadia




A bespoke hyper system for elegant open-air dining preserving views of the course and allowing customers continued enjoyment of the races.

A 240sqm wave-shaped fabric ceiling was designed to create a smooth and undulating surface with atmospheric up-lighters.