Bespoke Tensile Fabric Structure.

Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you’ll find Fabric Architecture canopies to light your way high above the streets of Westminster! At 33 Kingsway in London, refurbished balcony walkways on 5 levels bring refreshing colour and shelter to office workers in all weathers.

The challenge.

Refurbishing an old office block with contemporary lighting, shade and shelter can prove difficult and expensive, not to mention adding unwanted loads that the original building was not designed to take. The external balconies are open to the elements so need to provide shade during the UK summer and shelter from rain during the remaining 11 months of the year!

The solution.

The bespoke Ceiling Frame System by Fabric Architecture was the ideal solution for this project. Using extremely lightweight aluminium, we were able to fix directly to the building’s balcony soffits. Above each walkway 4 frames are joined together to create a canopy that spans 20m2. The fire retardant fabric, fitted directly into the aluminium frames, is a translucent Glass Weave with a silicone coating that helps reduce city grime from settling. Backlighting from multi-coloured LED lights bring the building to life even on the dullest of days.