Tensile Fabric Roof.

The main feature of this new build school is a bespoke canopy covering an internal space called the “Village Square”. It’s the canopy that links the school with the community and having such a large covered space has allowed the school to use it year round for a multitude of events.

The challenge.

To handle the concern for greater light transmission, we developed clear conical headrings, allowing extra sun light into the courtyard below. We also recommended a fabric called Silicone Glass Weave which has a light transmission of 40% (in white). Because there are no masts touching the ground, installation was tricky. All lifting was done by a crane from above the building.

The solution.

The bespoke structure installed is 540 m². The design is almost flat and measures 7.5m by 34m at it widest point. The canopy over sails and connects back into the roof of the building through a series of trusses making it look like it is ‘floating’ above the school. At night, LED’s have the structure glow with brilliance. This project showcases both the practical aspects and the beauty of fabric as a courtyard cover.