Fabric Structures – Link Walkways.

The design brief was to link up 37 kennels (pods) that were exposed to the elements with walkway of fabric structures, providing dry space for visitors to the Centre to view dogs in the kennels. Dogs Trust also wanted to create a large central covered area with a wow factor, where visitors could gather.

The challenge.

In-house Structural Engineers needed to factor in extreme snow and wind conditions specific to West Calder. They also had to study and understand the slope of the site. Because all of the canopies are inter-linked, the patterning, finite element analysis and form-finding for the canopies had to be exact. Rainwater ‘hoppers’ were integrated throughout the fabric structures to keep the walkways and surrounding areas dry. No detail was left untouched.

The solution.

Fabric Architecture installed an 18m x 10m Double Conic fabric structures for the central gathering spot and a modified version of one of our Signature Structures, The Hull, to serve as the model for all of the walkway canopies. In total, over 1,000 sqm of canopies were installed creating architecturally beautiful and functional covered walkways and meet and greet spaces for this world class venue.