Fabric Ceiling.

As part of a refurbishment project, the poolside restaurant in the Mykonos Grace Hotel, had a series of bespoke fabric ceiling panels installed. The fabric ceiling was inspired by renowned fashion designer Myrto Dramountani’s latest collection on the runway. Thousands of angles were cut into the fabric adding to the ceiling’s drama.

The challenge.

Realising the vision of a fabric ceiling that can be backlit, blown in the breeze and reflect light, patterns and shadows was a challenge. Each of the five suspended panels has 3,000 small right angles cut out (by diamond blades) and each right angle measures 50mm x 50mm. Squares are cut 20mm apart as to create a ‘waffle type’ pattern. The patterning and cutting was meticulous, complex and difficult.

The solution.

Mykonos Grace received an architectural finish to their restaurant refurbishment at an economical price. The fabric ceiling is easy to maintain and easy to access building services. Natural and artificial light reflects beautifully through the fabric and it can quickly change colours with LED’s. The installation was rapid and results were immediate. Mykonos Grace is thrilled with the ceiling and the international publicity this project has received.