Retractable Roof Structures

Kinetic Architecture

With Fabric Architecture’s latest advance into retractable roof structures, the company now offers Kinetic Structures to the international tensile market.

Using a patented retractable fabric roof system, every kinetic structure is designed, engineered and built to the specific environmental needs of each project.

The company’s pioneering work in this specialist field takes fabric architecture to a new level; adding ever greater flexibility to exterior tensile structures.

Dynamic Space Design

By integrating sophisticated air-cooling technology and patterning with the latest high-performance tensile fabrics, Fabric Architecture can deliver dynamic spaces with a new ambiance.

With the addition of customised electrical-mechanical interfaces, Fabric Architecture’s retractable roofing systems make the possibility of open-air yet air-conditioned spaces a reality.

Retractable roof applications range from human-scale event spaces to grand-scale stadia and leisure facilities, putting tensile fabric in motion.

These innovative kinetic structures offer many benefits to an otherwise traditional tensile fabric project, providing both the specifier and the end-user with a highly-responsive and super functional solution.

Retractable fabric structures – Kinetic Structures by Fabric Architecture