Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Superbowl XXXIX


Signature Structure
The City of Jacksonville hosted the Super Bowl for the first time in 2005. To help fans navigate the stadium and the city, they set up a series of covered information stations staffed with volunteers. This is a model Atlanta established when it hosted the 1996 Olympics – using the same Fabric Architecture fabric structure designs.

The Challenge

For EventQuest, the challenge was in sourcing multiple eye-catching structures that could be installed for a short window of time (quick and easy up and down).The fabric structure units had to be fitted with signage and installed on the city streets. Ensuring canopies would not lift and move (should a sudden Florida wind blow in from the coast), proved a challenge.

The Solution

Six white Pagoda (Signature Structures) were installed throughout the city just in time for the 78,000 Super Bowl fans. These 16’ x 16’ tensile fabric structure canopies are normally permanent, however our in-house Engineers designed a way for them to be mounted on portable aluminum legs and then bolted to carpeted wooden platforms. This allowed the canopies to be safely anchored and installed quickly, a requirement of the project.



Fabric Type




Type PVC

Fabric Architecure


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