we all need a little tlcfrom time to time.

Everything in life takes a little work, so let us take the burden for your tensile structures.


Get the mostfrom yourcanopies.

Get the most from your canopies.

You will improve the durability and lifespan of your tensile fabric structures with regular maintenance inspections and cleaning. This will not only help you to avoid costly surprises further down the line, but a maintenance schedule is often tied into the warranty of your structure – so it’s advisable to establish a routine. Every tensile canopy is different when you consider the size, structure, fabric, use and location. The local environment, in particular, has a big impact on the structure’s wear and tear, making it important to regularly check the fabric and all connections. We recommend that canopies are checked and cleaned every 1-2 years. Your structure will be in the safest hands by choosing a specialist tensile contractor for maintenance.

Why do we need photos?

When you contact us to request a maintenance visit, we’ll ask you to upload photos of your canopy to help us evaluate the structure’s condition and understand the work required. Photos of any existing damage, rust, previous repairs and areas of concern are the best photos to include. Don’t be shy – we’ve seen it all!

What’s included in maintaining a tensile fabric structure?

We’ll review your photos and information and then be in touch. Once you’ve confirmed you’re happy with the suggested works and canopy clean, we will agree a day/time, book it in and arrange for one of our maintenance team to complete the job.

Once on site, we first carry out a visual inspection. We then check the fabric and tension in the canopy – carrying out minor adjustments as needed – and clean the fabric, connections and support structure.

If further repairs are required, we will detail these in a report and advise on a maintenance schedule to keep your structure thriving.

We sometimes need to come out to site before commencing the works, so we’ll let you know if this is the case.

How much will it cost?

Because each maintenance project is as unique as your structure, we can’t provide a uniform price. Our quote will be tailored to each canopy, and we will work alongside you to make sure your structure gets the attention it needs to extend its lifespan.

Is there anything else to consider?

Many of our structures are in schools or public places. We try to ensure all our staff attending site hold any required certificates, including DBS checks, but it’s important to let us know any special requirements, including security procedures, site access, canopy access and time/date restrictions.

Download our Inspection and Cleaning Guidelines