Fabric structures by Fabric Architecture

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Innovators in Fabric Structures

Since 1982, Fabric Architecture has installed several thousand tensile fabric structures worldwide. With headquarters in the UK and divisions in North America and the Middle East region, Fabric Architecture continues to deliver large-scale tensile fabric projects worldwide.

Exterior & Interior Fabric Solutions

Fabric Architecture’s proprietary tensile products include the Archicladding system and the Signature Products range.

Archicladding is a proprietary fabric ceiling system that can be used for both interior and exterior projects. The modular design simplifies the specifying process and allows for greater speed of installation.

Signature Structures offer an easy-to-specify product range of tensioned fabric canopies, widely used across the education, healthcare and retail sectors.

The company’s latest advance into kinetic architecture now provides a patented retractable fabric roof system. Each kinetic structure is engineered and built to specific environmental needs of your project.

Tensile Design & Engineering

Fabric Architecture’s in-house Engineers, Designers and Project Managers collaborate closely with Architects and Contractors throughout the industry. The process is a continual exchange of ideas which transforms the original concept into buildable and memorable tensile structures.

Award Winning Fabric Architecture

Fabric Architecture is a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and regularly present the interactive half-day course “How to Specify a Tensile Fabric Structure” to practices throughout the UK and the Middle East region.

As winners of several prestigious accolades from The British Design Award to IFAI’s International Achievement Award, the company’s expertise and knowledge leads the global tensile fabric industry.

Fabric Architecture is extremely proud of the strong working relationships developed with customers in the fabric structure industry.

Leaders in Innovation and Engineering

Fabric Architecture has over 30 years’ experience specialising in the design, manufacture and build of tensile fabric structures helping clients achieve creative and sustainable solutions to their projects.

We help to realise the full potential of your designs from concept through a tailor-made consultation, design and engineering process that is grounded in our depth of knowledge of tensile fabrics and the engineering behind them. By working alongside architects and contractors, we assist in fulfilling clients briefs and providing exceptional quality of design engineering, manufacturing and installation on every project.