How we’re delivering project management that clients need

What makes a good architectural project a truly great one? The answer is seamless project management. At Fabric Architecture, we pride ourselves on producing innovative solutions that deliver above and beyond client specification. From design and engineering through to manufacturing and installation, we know the key to creating excellence is via delivering consistent expertise. But how do we do it?

Well, we have been at this a while. Sitting at the forefront of the industry for over 40 years has allowed us to lead the way in the design and installation of elegant and impactful tensile fabric structures all over the world. But reimagining tensile fabric to deliver original, effectual, and trailblazing constructions globally needs something more than design innovation. It also takes a unique understanding and ability to meet (and exceed) client needs, manage complex supply chains, and still deliver on time and to budget.

Project management: It’s all in the method

While no two projects are the same, there is a method to our madness. Or as we like to call it, our genius. Our project management is delivered in several key stages, all of which ensure a high level of care at each stage of the journey, including close communication with clients every step of the way. Here’s an example…

Currently under construction is Trecco Bay Holiday Park. Utilising a series of ornate tree columns to support multiple barrel vaults and flying conics that unify the existing retail and leisure promenade, the aim of this project is to breathe new life into a tired site. Involved from the outset at the project’s inception, Fabric Architecture were integral in providing technical assistance at the design stage, making sure that a seamless design and installation process could be achieved with as little disruption as possible.  Not only does this ensure alignment with client deadlines and expectations, but it also helps avoid unexpected engineering hiccups and keeps a happy and healthy supply chain ticking over.

What else is there to know about Fabric Architecture?

We’re fresh thinkers, problem solvers and creative visionaries, reimagining tensile fabric to deliver original, effectual, and trailblazing constructions globally, and across multiple sectors. Operating throughout the UK, North America and the Middle East region, at Fabric Architecture we ensure a sustainable and innovative solution for our clients. Prioritising architectural solutions that protect our planet and focus on creating a better, more ecological future for all. Plus, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with architects, contractors and decision-makers based on honesty and experience.

To see some of our other projects and tensile fabric structures in action, then check out our projects page.

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We transform original concepts into buildable, sustainable, and memorable tensile fabric solutions. Supporting our clients throughout the entire process, we use our significant knowledge of tensile fabrics, and the engineering behind them, to realise the full potential of every design.

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Delivering project management


A bespoke hyper system for elegant open-air dining preserving views of the course and allowing customers continued enjoyment of the races.

A 240sqm wave-shaped fabric ceiling was designed to create a smooth and undulating surface with atmospheric up-lighters.