Dubai interior project

In 2014 Fabric Architecture was awarded the contract to design, engineer, manufacture and install a significant bespoke interior project in Dubai.

Rob Arthur, General Manager of Fabric Architecture Middle East (FAME), will now follow the multi-million INTERIOR project from the company’s new Dubai-based UAE office providing a vital local interface between the UK design and engineering team and our crew on the ground.

Awarded by one of the country’s main government organisations, this high-end, large-scale interior application uses a unique combination of products and technologies, notably a Japanese pearlescent tensile fabric, new to the industry.

Working above a 60m void, skilled rigging and installation teams will work day and night shifts to carry out their work in a complex environment, completing the final project later in 2015.


A bespoke hyper system for elegant open-air dining preserving views of the course and allowing customers continued enjoyment of the races.

A 240sqm wave-shaped fabric ceiling was designed to create a smooth and undulating surface with atmospheric up-lighters.