An alternativeto bricksand mortar.

An alternative to bricks and mortar.

These structures utilise truss beams to accommodate the long spans and provide a framework that doesn’t need many supporting columns. The result can be a vast open space with clear sight lines and no obstructions. Using fabric to build these large, durable and versatile structures is a good investment in terms of square metres for your budget. The maintenance is straightforward as well, with fabric structures demanding lower maintenance costs than traditional buildings.

Enjoy natural light, indoors.

Span structures are growing in popularity as the all-weather building solution for many indoor sports facilities. They’re a cost-effective solution, whether permanent or temporary, for additional warehousing or an industrial space for storing and moving large machinery.

One of the main benefits of using fabric over traditional building materials is the amount of natural light that comes into the space. A tensile fabric structure uses materials with high light transmission to create a building interior that’s airy and enjoys shadow-free natural daylight illumination.

Another advantage for indoor sports facilities is better acoustic performance. Tensile fabric structures have lower acoustic reverb than traditionally constructed buildings because of their lack of hard surfaces – the cause of acoustic challenges in any space.

Innovating long span structures.

Whether you need to build all-year-round football pitches, new warehousing or even a bespoke aircraft hangar, we’ll use our experience and expertise to design, manufacture and install a span structure that delivers what you need.

We love to explore innovative uses for tensile fabric and apply our fresh thinking to existing structures. For example, we enhanced a span structure with a multi-layer system that incorporates an insulated air layer to help reduce heating costs. With natural light flooding through and insulated air keeping occupants warm, our client won’t be paying big lighting and heating bills for that fabric building.

Can we help you to swap bricks and mortar for tensile fabric when planning your next big open building?

Typical applications.



Event/Exhibition Spaces

Leisure Centres

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Fabric options.


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