New Street Opens

Birmingham New Street officially opened yesterday and welcomed its first commuters today to rave reviews, following a £750million makeover. Hailed an overwhelming success by press and passengers alike, the station design includes a vast light-filled concourse with a shopping centre including anchor store John Lewis, due to open later this week.

The guardian reports “Amazing. Just amazing” while BBC news declares “Look at this roof, it’s simply stunning” meanwhile the BBC News Breakfast have parked the red sofa under the roof for their Monday morning live broadcast, alongside BBC Business updates throughout the day.

Fabric Architecture designed, engineered and installed the fully-integrated fabric lining inside the new ETFE atrium and concourse. This large-scale interior project for Newtork Rail and Mace Group includes a bespoke steel truss framework and over 600sqm of tensile cladding, combining solid and mesh fabrics. The fabric collar sweeps around the upper retail level and forms teardrop openings among the steel ‘buttresses’. The use of tensile fabric allows a sleek and uninterrupted interface between the concrete bulkhead and the ETFE roof above.

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