Chandos Fabric Roof From The Air

With the overall build now complete, Fabric Architecture are working through the last few ‘snags’ and adding the finishing touches to the Chandos fabric roof which forms part of the larger relocation and refurbishment of this historic tennis club.

Over 3000 sqm of tensile fabric now covers the new tennis courts providing a members with the latest, state of the art facilities.

Rarely do we have the opportunity to view our projects from the air, but this week we were lucky enough to capture these aerial shots of the Chandos fabric roof, showing the wider Chandos site plus the scale and scope of our works for Main Contractors McLaughlin and Harvey.

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A bespoke hyper system for elegant open-air dining preserving views of the course and allowing customers continued enjoyment of the races.

A 240sqm wave-shaped fabric ceiling was designed to create a smooth and undulating surface with atmospheric up-lighters.