Al Ain Zoo tensile project

In 2016, Fabric Architecture will return to the Middle East on a second tensile project for Al Ain Zoo.

Previously, the company supplied a series of 30 hypar-shaped ‘Skylarstructures designed for way-marking throughout the zoo’s welcome area. This tensile project will provide a number of canopies for the Souk – a new section opening within the attraction in summer 2016.

The design of the tensile project encompasses triangular panels linked to a central five-sided conic with a flying-mast, all interspersed with palm trees. The tensiles will span over 40 metres, connected directly to the wall around the perimeter, others supported by steel masts sitting over 10m high. A Serge Ferrari ‘pre-constraint’ fabric will be used for this design – durable and suitable for the local environment.

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