Signature Structure.

Hideaway Park is a well-loved holiday destination located in the highest town in the USA. Although predominantly a skiing destination, the resort is equally busy in the summer as a key venue for festivals. With all of the resort events, several fabric structures were required to provide year-round shelter from rain, wind, snow and sun.

The challenge.

With an average snowfall of 19’ per year and some of the severest weather conditions in the USA, fabric structures were required to be engineered for snow loads rated to 100 pounds per square foot. Larger foundations, stronger steel, heavy duty fixings and strengthened fabrics were all incorporated in the design. With breathtaking mountain views in the background, the tensile canopy designs should blend into the setting.

The solution.

Three Double Conic tensile fabric structures were selected from our range of ‘ready-to-install’ Signature Structures. Inspired by nature, the white Double Conics mimic the surrounding snow-capped mountains, enhancing the dramatic backdrop of the park. Each of the 20’ x 30’ structures were engineered to current and local Building Design Codes, creating a safe and long lasting performance area for Winter Park events.