Fabric Structure.

With retail spending decreasing, Federal Realty Investment Trust developed a plan to attract shoppers and families and improve their experience, by giving them an open air plaza for free public events and activities. Taking centre stage is a multi-purpose performance area which features a fabric structure designed for entertainment and to draw a crowd.

The challenge.

The Landscape Architect selected the particular form of the fabric structure from Fabric Architecture’s Signature Structure range of ‘ready to install’ tensile products. However the Iron Mountain’s ‘off the shelf size’ did not exactly fit their spatial requirements. Therefore the Iron Mountain fabric structure would need to be customised to fit the stage area. An additional challenge was thrown in, as the surfacing had already been installed…

The solution.

Our Design & Build team modified the standard Iron Mountain creating a customised 20’ x 20’ tensile structure which cantilevered out over the stage area offering a focal point for the new open air plaza. This free-standing structure, mounted on only 2 columns and with external base plates, was quick and easy to install. The fabric, steel and cable design contrasts nicely with the surrounding buildings and continues to attract more and more shoppers to the location.