Bespoke Tensile Fabric Structures.

BLHI’s new international corporate headquarters required a design-led parking lot canopy for 11 cars, to provide protection from rain, hail and snow. The design was to contribute towards their LEED programme, having minimal impact on the environment with a small carbon footprint. On arrival, the tensile fabric structures needed to ‘make a statement’.

The challenge.

Meeting BLHI’s environmental commitments, while supporting their LEED Programme was crucial. The Silicone Glass Weave material selected for the tensile fabric structures, was one that Fabric Architecture helped pioneer. This fabric offers 40% light transmission and will last 30+ years. It can be fully recycled and it has resistance to mold, pollution and day-to-day grime from car fumes, aircraft pollution and dust particles. In addition, local steel was sourced to reduce the over carbon footprint of manufacture.

The solution.

The solution is a fully modified version of a Fabric Architecture Signature Structure product called the Monsoon. The Monsoon tensile fabric structure was modified from its original design to accommodate 11 car spaces and engineered for extreme local weather. The result is an elegant white hypar-form structure offering all-weather protection. Canopies are connected with modern looking steel columns and a framework that measures 100’ x 20’.